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Meet Me Half Way!

A fun website I recently put together for a hackathon run by Amadeus. I've not created anything for the web in ages so this was good fun to put together, and try and figure out this modern JavaScript thing :) The backend is written in Python 3 using Flask and is run on a fun mix of Amazon Lambda, S3 and the awesome PythonAnywhere. It's something [...] Read more

Visual Effects Pipeline Stats

On the 23rd of July, I’ll be presenting a paper at the Digital Production Symposium (DigiPro) in Anaheim called ‘Camera Tracking in Visual Effects – An Industry Perspective of Structure from Motion’. (Download) The overall aim is to examine why, when there’s so much research being done in automatic camera tracking in the computer vision community, [...] Read more

Inferring Changes in Intrinsic Parameters From Motion Blur

Download Preprint doi:10.1016/j.cag.2015.05.022 - Barber, A; Brown, M; Hogbin, P; Cosker, D - Computers & Graphics Journal, Elsevier, 2015 This article is an extended version of our previous paper, containing new datasets and further evaluation and suggestions for improvements on the original algorithm.

Election 2015 Twitter Visualisation

After reading a paper on the train and noticing the phrase 'hardworking families' was repeated quite a lot, I decided to see what the political parties actually said the most. I've also always wanted to make a 'visual', or interactive web application, so decided to see what would happen if I had a script running on a VPS to constantly read off of [...] Read more

Estimating Camera Intrinsics from Motion Blur

Here (acm dl version) is the above titled paper, presented at the 11th Conference for Visual Media Production in London 2014. Alastair Barber, Matthew Brown, Paul Hogbin & Darren Cosker Abstract: Estimating changes in camera parameters, such as motion, focal length and exposure time over a single frame or sequence of frames is an integral part [...] Read more

Estimating Epipolar Geometry With The Use of a Camera Mounted Orientation Sensor

Just noticed that my MSc Thesis (above titled) is now publicly available at the university of Durham's thesis archive. Check it out here if you're interested...

International Computer Vision Summer School 2013

(Originally posted at CDE Blog) In July, I was lucky enough to be accepted to attend the International Computer Vision Summer School (ICVSS) to be held in Calabria, Italy. Of course, the combination of words ‘Summer’ and ‘School’ have been known to induce panic in many people – however, what followed were five days of [...] Read more

Harry Potter Clock V1.2

I mentioned in one of the last posts about the clock that it ocasionally lost its GPRS connection after being moved to somewhere where the signal wasn't of brilliant quality. To try and remedy this I added an external antenna to the USB modem that was being used. This made very little difference, the clock would lose its connection and the [...] Read more

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